NRS Otter Inflatable Fishing Raft

One of the biggest reasons not to do more fishing is the potential pain of having to tow around a boat. The NRS Otter Inflatable Fishing Raft ($5,000) alleviates this problem by offering fiberglass dependability in an inflatable package. This 13-foot watercraft offers Pennel Orca tubes and floor, HD-40 bottom armor, a three chamber tube construction, a frame guard for ruggedness, and a NRS Fishing Raft Frame to take it beyond the inner tube and intro serious boating territory with three seat mounts, two removable thwarts, front and rear casting platforms, an anchor mount, and front and rear thigh bars for added stability when reeling in that old tire mount-worthy fish.

  • Garia Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart

    We always appreciate it when companies are upfront about their outrageous pricing, so when we saw that the Garia Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart ($52,000) was being hailed as "the world's most expensive golf car ever made by a manufacturer," we knew we had to check it out. Sure enough, it packs in plenty of crazy features for those of you who spend more time on the course than you do at your mansion, including a carbon roof, custom paint, two-colored, hand-stitched seats, alcantara roof lining, a LED speedometer, custom wheels, and an available built-in refrigerator. It is quite expensive, but that's the price you pay to be able to boast that your Porsche and your golf cart were made in the same factory.

  • Giant Bowery FMX Bike

    Like the monochrome mutant offspring of a traditional track racer and a BMX ride, the Giant Bowery FMX Bike ($750) is a mix of the old and the new. It features a lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, a BMX custom "no rail" saddle, a CroMo 3-piece tubular crankset, alloy high-rise handlebars, and the ability to go fixie or freewheel. Pair with an all-white or all-black outfit for maximum effect.

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