NuForce Icon iDo

While it's a reasonable question to ask why, if you're an audiophile, you insist on having your music library on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, if you're looking to get the absolute highest fidelity out of those lossless digital recordings, you're going to need to bypass your iBuddy's internal DAC. The NuForce Icon iDo ($250) will let you do just that. Using a dock connection, it draws the audio data directly from your library, and then uses its own converter to send pristine audio your your home stereo, or, if you want to get more personal, through its built-in headphone amplifier straight into your power-hungry high-end cans. [via]

  • Griffin Helo TC

    We're no strangers to indoor helicopters, but beyond our challenges in keeping them off the ceiling, we're not big fans of their typically chintzy controllers. The Griffin Helo TC ($50; Available this Fall) overcomes this limitation by bundling a headphone port-connecting infrared module with the metal and polycarbonate 'copter, letting you use your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as the controller — using on-screen or Tilt-to-Fly controls — running for up to 6 to 8 minutes per charge with the ability to charge from any USB power source, and saving up to three flight plans in memory.

  • Opena iPhone Case

    Let's see: your iPhone is always with you, and you never know when you might need a bottle opener, so why not keep them together? That's the idea behind the Opena iPhone Case ($40). Made from protective polycarbonate and ABS plastic, the Opena's unique design hides a slide-out bottle opener on its back, offers compatibility with both GSM and CDMA iPhones, and gives you open access to all your ports, buttons, controls, and cameras.

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