Nura Headphones

Our ears all look different. Turns out they hear differently, too. Nura Headphones are the first cans to take this into account. Using a microphone to measure both the tones going in and coming out of your ear canal, they adjust the sound automatically to match your hearing. Helping things along is a novel design that uses an in-ear driver to handle highs, and an over-ear cup with a bass driver, letting each note and tone breathe while also doubling up on noise isolation. They're powered by a digital connection to your device, so there's no battery to keep charged, and since the sound is custom tailored, you can leave the volume lower and save your hearing at the same time.

  • Fender FXA7 Pro Earphones

    The Fender name is synonymous with quality guitars. And now, the trusted instrument makers are bringing that same quality and attention to detail to the world or earphones with these Fender FXA7 Pro Earphones. The housings were 3D printed using scans of thousands of ears — making each pair feel like a custom fit. And the sound quality is top notch as well, with a pair of balanced armature tweeters and their patented Hybrid-Dynamic tuned Balanced Armature Array. Available in metallic gold or metallic black, they arrive in a deluxe carrying case with SureSeal tips, a cleaning tool, and cable.

  • Misfit Specter Activity Tracking Headphones

    Many of us wear headphones for a good portion of the day. So why not have them do more than just play music? Leveraging the tech used in the company's more traditional wearables, Misfit Specter Activity Tracking Headphones keep tabs on your steps, distance covered, calories, and sleep duration/quality, all while pulling double-duty as personal speakers. Despite their expanded functionality, they don't skimp on the sound, with dual drivers for richer, clearer audio, noise isolation technology to keep external sounds at bay, and multiple microphones to eliminate ambient noise when talking on the phone.

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