O Six Hundred Kayak

Inspired by the first kayaks, which stretched animal skins over wood, this Kayak from O Six Hundred in Australia brings a 4,000 year old design to our modern culture. Made up of 30 pieces of hoop pine plywood, it's light but incredibly strong, with pieces that snap together quickly and easily. Once the wood skeleton is built, just lace it up with the included translucent carbon fabric for your next glide down a lazy river on a summer afternoon.

  • Nipi Smart Cooler

    There are plenty of "smart" products out there that do little more than connect to an app and tell you some information you probably already know. The Nipi Smart Cooler isn't one of those. It's smart in a different way, adding worthwhile features to an already capable cooler with thick walls and a double-insulated lid. Those intelligent additions include LED lighting on both the interior and exterior for after dark refreshments, an integrated solar panel to charge the integrated battery, with the ability to add an extra battery or additional solar panels as needed, and four USB ports — two inside the lockable dry storage area, and two on the outside — to keep your gadgets going throughout the day.

  • Canopy Stair

    You don't need a treehouse to appreciate the convenience of the Canopy Stair. You just need a tall tree and a desire to access its limbs. This modular stair system, created by designers Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve, uses a series of ratchet straps to attach the cast aluminum frame, treads, and handrail to the outside of the tree trunk, letting you attach more as you go until you reach the desired height. The stairs will then stay sturdily in place until your adventure is done, and disassemble as easily as they go up.

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