Oakley Latch Sunglasses

It's a problem as old as sunglasses themselves: what to do with your sunglasses when you take them off. Do you just push them back on top of your head? Set them down, daring yourself not to forget them? Oakley Latch Sunglasses offer a solution to this issue in the form of a interior "kick-up" that lets them clip securely to your shirt, keeping the Plutonite lenses and timeless, versatile O Matter stress-resistant frame safely in place whether you're dipping into the cafe or dropping in at the skatepark.

  • Mykita MVO Eyeglasses

    Most eye appointments include a fitting if you happen to need glasses. But no traditional session can come close to the customization offered with Mykita My Very Own Eyeglasses. Once you've picked out your frame, they take a 3D scan of your face, using that information to customize everything from the width and angle of the frame to the radius of the temples and position of the noce pads, all while guaranteeing ideal optical quality. Thanks to parametric design, the frames never appear out of proportion, and since you can choose your own colors for the frame, lenses, and hinges, you're guaranteed a set of specs that's truly one of a kind.

  • Mosevic Cassini Solid Denim Sunglasses

    Rugged and utilitarian, denim has been used in the fashion industry for over 150 years. Mosevic's Cassini Solid Denim Sunglasses draw on this rich history with their unique construction. Made by infusing layers of denim with a carefully-selected resin, the resulting material is both extremely strong and as stylish as a great pair of jeans. The Cassini model, in stone black, has a classic shape that looks good on everybody, and keeps your eyes protected behind Zeiss polarized lenses in smoke fade. Handcrafted in the UK, they're in production right now — so grab a pair through us to be among the first in the world to get yours when they start shipping on August 9th.

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