Oculus Go VR Headset

So far virtual reality systems have been split into two main groups: cheap, plastic holders for smartphone-based applications, and more expensive rigs that rely on PCs or gaming consoles to work. The Oculus Go VR Headset is neither. This all-in-one device has a high-resolution fast-switch LCD screen, next-generation lenses, and integrated spacial audio. Breathable fabric and elastic bands keep it snug yet comfortable on your face. It also works with both Oculus Go and Gear VR apps, so there will be a built-in library of apps ready to go when it launches in early 2018.

  • Amazon Echo Spot

    It's not the only new gadget Amazon's bringing out — there's a revamped, shorter, cheaper Echo, the more powerful Echo Plus, and the HDR-friendly Fire TV — but the Amazon Echo Spot might be the most interesting. Like a cross between the Echo Show and Dot, it has a small, tennis ball-like design that incorporates a circular 2.5-inch screen. As a result, it can handle all the audio-only duties of the Dot, like playing music and setting alarms, but also lets you play video, displays information, and even serves as a clock when it's not doing anything. Ideal for the nightstand or kitchen counter, it comes in black or white.

  • Cinera Theater Headset

    The first immersive personal theater headset, Cinera, wants to disrupt the entire home theatre industry. Cinera combines the comfort of watching movies at home with the next best thing to watching in a theatre with a headset the size of a book. Install your favorite streaming apps, play from a micro SD card, or use the headset like a television by connecting it to your gaming system or PC. The sound quality is upgraded to mimic what you'd experience in a theatre, and you can even watch films in 3D with the Cinera. And each experience is enhanced at a media resolution that is eight times that of an iPhone and three times that of a movie theatre screen.

    Presented by Cinera.

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