Odyssey O-Works Microhinge Putter

Rolling a ball with your hand is generally more accurate than hitting it with a board. It's a simple observation, but one that the Odyssey O-Works Microhinge Putter applies to golf for the first time. Its special insert is covered with tiny hinges that flex and rebound independently, sending the ball on a smooth roll just like an army of tiny hands. Behind it sits a layer of soft thermoplastic elastomer for outstanding feel, and the bottom is home to two weights that help keep your stroke on line. Available in four blade models, as well as four mallets.

  • Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball

    The Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball looks great, with a mostly black design that's far preferable to white-and-black affairs. Yet it's what happens after you buy it that makes it special. For every one you buy, the company donates another one to a community sports program somewhere in North America. As for the ball itself, it's a regulation size 5, with a traditional 32-panel design, and arrives in a mesh carrying bag.

  • Strike Smart Baseball

    Unless you have expensive pro-level hardware, you're probably not getting as much out of your pitching sessions as you could. The Strike Smart Baseball gives you access to a wide variety of stats using nothing more than some sensors tucked inside the ball. With a full-grain leather cover and the exact same size, weight, and number of stitches as an official MLB ball, it feels just like any other. But when you throw it, it collects metrics like speed, spin rate, location, and rotation axis, then uses all this to give you a 3D trajectory of each pitch. It charges wirelessly, connects over Bluetooth, and lasts up to 12 hours per charge, so your arm will wear out long before it does.

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