Ogarden Indoor Farm

Pesticides. Preservatives. Polluted air. The Ogarden Indoor Farm lets you grow up to 100 herbs and vegetables without any of those harsh contaminants. Housed in a large sphere, plants grow in a vertical manner while rotating in a circular motion. Other than looking really cool, the slow movement and shift in orientation also grow stronger plants. A programmable bulb at the center of the wheel gives your garden the right amount of sunlight and watering is only required a couple times a week. They currently offer 30 different types of organic seeds, ranging from Greek Oregano to Oak Leaf Lettuce, or you can use a variety of your own.

  • Manual Coffeemaker No. 3

    Designed to make your coffee routine more hands-on, the Manual Coffeemaker No. 3 is a double-walled glass pitcher that does triple-duty. It can handle French press, cold brew, and even pour-over brewing methods, and uses standard basket filters to keep things simple. The cork-topped pitcher is also perfect for holding cold drinks on warm days, and pairs well with clear glass coffee mugs.

  • Dry Ager Dry Aging Fridge

    That delicious cut you had last time you visited your favorite steakhouse? It was most likely dry aged. Now you can get the same delectable results at home with the Dry Ager Dry Aging Fridge. It combines precise temperature, humidity, and airflow control to ensure proper aging, while an active carbon filter and ventilated disinfection system sterilize the air every minute and keep germs and bacteria at bay. Built entirely in Germany, it comes in two sizes to handle up to 44 or 220 pounds of meat at a time.

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