OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush

OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush

We travel quite a bit here at Uncrate, and we’ve never really been satisfied with your run-of-the-mill travel brush. Thus, we’ve ended up carrying around a full-size brush, along with a full-size tube of our favorite ‘paste — not so travel friendly a setup. All this will change soon enough, however, when we finally get our mitts on the OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush ($20). Its unique chrome-finished design allows the user to store toothpaste in the handle, then a small nozzle beneath the bristles lets the right amount of toothpaste out during brushing. Not only does it function well, it also looks badass. [Thanks, Josh]

  • DOVO Tortoise Shell Straight Razor

    Treat yourself to a fine, barber-style shave at home with the Tortoise Shell Razor from DOVO ($120). Featuring a faux tortoise shell handle, the razor is made by DOVO of Solingen, Germany — known for centuries for their long-lasting, world class straight razors.

  • Gillette Fusion

    Gillette has upped the ante in the razor wars. The new Gillette Fusion ($8) steps over the 4-blade Schick Quattro with its astounding 5-blade surface. The new razor also has a single trimming blade on the back for sideburns and such, and the blades on the Fusion are spaced 30 percent closer than Gillette's current MACH3Turbo system for less irritation. The Gillette Fusion Power ($9) has an on-board micro-chip that "optimizes the performance of the razor by regulating the voltage and frequency," as well as a low-battery indicator light and an automatic shut-off feature.

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