Oi Bicycle Bell

You spent a lot of time picking out your bike. Why muck it up with a dollar-store bell? The Oi Bicycle Bell is a sleek accessory that replaces the traditional domed bell with a circular solution that both looks and sounds better. Hundreds of iterations were built to get just the right look and sound, the latter of which uses several pitch tones to ensure it gets heard. Installing it on your handlebar is a cinch — you just slip it over and tighten a single bolt — and it comes in five different finishes to make sure it matches your bike.

  • Triton 6600/2 Submarine

    Thanks to the thickest transparent acrylic hull ever made, the Triton 6600/2 Submarine promises to do something no other personal sub can do: give you a glimpse of the ocean over a mile down. It can handle depths of 6,600 feet, to be more precise, has room for two passengers, moves at a pace of 3.5 mph, and has a maximum dive time of ten hours. For added reassurance, there's enough oxygen to last 96 hours in an emergency, as well as air conditioning, high-output LED lights, and support for more, should you need added light for shooting photos or video through the optically perfect hull.

  • Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht

    It looks like something you'd see in outer space, not in the ocean — but make no mistake about it, the Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht concept is grounded in logic that could see it cruising the seas in the near future. Thanks to a torpedo hull attached to the main, pyramid-like structure via a single strut, the vessel appears to levitate at speed, helped along by a pair of adjustable hydrofoils. At more reasonable speeds, it sits on its three underbelly hulls, with the sides folding down to become decks, ladders providing water access, and the interior offering all the upscale amenities you'd expect from a floating palace.

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