Omega Anti-Magnetic Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

Used to be you had to build your watch out of a Faraday Cage to protect your watch from harmful magnetic fields. The Omega Anti-Magnetic Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch ($TBA) takes a different approach. It's powered by the new Omega Co-Axial calibre 8508 movement, which is made using selected non-ferrous materials, giving the watch the ability to handle levels of magnetism up to 15,000 gauss. The watch also features a black dial, a distinctive yellow and black second hand, and a stainless steel case and band.

  • CST-01 Watch

    "The World's Thinnest Watch" is a bold claim to make — but at just 0.8mm thick, we're inclined to believe it. The CST-01 Watch ($130) achieves this by packing its guts — a battery, E Ink display, and controller chip — into a 0.5mm pocket etched into the single-piece stainless steel band. That doesn't leave much room for controls, of course, which is why they're mounted on the recharging base — although with a 10 minute charge time and month-long battery life, you're not going to be visiting the base very often. Available in white or black.

  • Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments

    Whether you like to spend your free time under the sea or far, far above it, these Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments (1,200-1,800 CHF; roughly $1,300-$1,950) are worthy companions. Designed to clip on top of the company's watches but perfectly capable of standing on their own, these digital timepieces feature anodized aluminum cases, sapphire crystal screens, four-button menu systems, and angular cases. The skiing model — dubbed The Rock — measures altitude and has an external sensor for accurate measurement of air temperature, while its scuba counterpart — The Reef — provides accurate calculations of depth, oxygen percentage, and water temperature.

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