Omega Spacemaster Z-33 Watch

You don't need to be a pilot to appreciate the Omega Spacemaster Z-33 Watch ($TBA) — but it doesn't hurt. Designed with flyboys in mind, it features standard analog watch hands, as well as two transreflective LCDs with red letters set into the non-reflective matte black dial, which serve as the basis for a host of features, including date, UTC, two time zones with 12- or 24-hour display, an alarm, a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, a countdown timer, and a flight log with ten slots. Oh, and its grade 5 titanium case is water resistant to 100 feet — but if you've found yourself in water, the well being of your watch is probably the last thing on your mind.

  • Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch

    Pocket watches are more or less a novelty at this point, which makes the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch ($170) all the more unusual. Sporting a relatively intricate yet easy-to-read dual time-zone face, the Rogue offers touch-based controls, an always-on display, date and time functionality, LED lighting, stainless steel case, an included chain, and a see-through cover that lets you easily keep track of the time without having to worry about accidental button pushes.

  • Rolex Milgauss Watch

    If you ever got a hand-me-down Rolex from someone who worked in a power plant or secret government research facility, you might have gotten your hands on an early Rolex Milgauss Watch ($7,500). Introduced in 1956 for the scientific community, the Milgauss is capable of withstanding magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss — or more than you'd ever wish to be exposed to. Corrosion-resistant 940L steel does the trick with the case, as does an amazing green sapphire cover.

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