Onak Foldable Canoe

Designed for urbanites who still enjoy the outdoors, the Onak Foldable Canoe lets you navigate the city without the need for an SUV and storage unit. Made from a thermo‐formable, honeycomb‐curv composite material that's ten times stronger than polypropylene, the canoe weighs just 37 pounds yet can carry over 440 pounds. It folds down into a 47" x 15" x 10" rectangle for transport, and assembles in just 10 minutes so you can spend more time in the water and less doing tedious setup.

  • Sylvansport Go Camper Sunny Side Up Solar Kit

    Designed to fit onto a standard pull-behind trailer, the Sylvansport Go Camper Sunny Side Up Solar Kit can supply your campsite with hours of power. This collaboration between Sylvansport and Goal Zero pairs customized hardware and a front storage pod with two Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panels and a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator, so it's constantly charging during the day even as its feeding you juice. The package also includes a high-power Goal Zero LED lamp, two extension cords, and the ability to expand its capabilities with more Goal Zero kit.

  • Octospot Diving Camera

    There are several options for recording video and taking pictures while diving, but none match up to the set of features promised by the Octospot Diving Camera. The Octospot mounts and de-mounts from your diving mask within seconds and is ready to provide high quality recordings on your dives. It's the first camera that is able to not only log your dive, but also correct white balance to match your depth. It has a long battery life, even in cold water, and is designed to be operated while wearing gloves, so you aren't working at a disadvantage underwater. Just press once for a still image and hold down to record video, or take advantage of the third person viewer that fits snugly in the pocket of your buoyancy compensator.

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