Onnit Zombie Bells

You're already pretty well-prepared for the inevitability of the dead one day walking the earth — you've stocked up on canned foods, you've hoarded all the ammunition you could ever need, you've even made steps to fortify your home — but if you don't have physical strength, there's no way you'll ever last. With Onnit Zombie Bells (available in weights ranging from 18 to 72 pounds) you can build up the brawn you need to resist the hordes of walkers. Each one features a distinct zombie facade, and is made from perfectly-balanced, chip-resistant iron with enlarged handles giving you improved grip strength. Just remember when the time comes to remove the head or destroy the brain. And if that fails, you can always pull their heads off with your new-found muscles.

Sponsored by our friends at Onnit.

  • 94Fifty Bluetooth Basketball

    You can already pick up a pair of sneakers to help you monitor your performance on the court, but if you want a full picture of your game, you need feedback from your ball, as well. The 94Fifty Bluetooth Basketball is designed to fill that void, giving you instant feedback on every dribble and shot while keeping its size, weight, and spin within regulations. An internal battery offers up to 8 hours of connectivity, and recharges wirelessly via Qi technology, while a dedicated app keeps track of workout and competition history for up to 4 players, and also offers built-in workouts, QuickTrain shot and ball-handling analyzers, and 50 different competition modes.

  • Squirrel Wingsuits

    You know that dream where you're flying across the sky, soaring effortlessly without the aid of a vehicle? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a dream, thanks to Squirrel Wingsuits ($1,650 and up), and a (possibly-unhealthy) dose of courage. They offer several suits, the swift, called a beginner suit, the aura, a more balanced suit, and the colugo, made for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. Each suit is completely customizable, so you can build it to match your tastes, and based on years of research and experience in wingsuit base jumping. [Scouted by Dom]

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