Origami Sticky Notes

Origami Sticky Notes

Take your notes into the third dimension with Origami Sticky Notes ($4). Each pad of notes has printed instructions on each sheet, letting you (or your co-workers) build one of ten different origami shapes. Just the way to battle post-holiday dullness at the office.

  • WD ShareSpace

    Need a whole lotta storage for your home office or network? The WD ShareSpace ($700-$1000) is here to help, with capacities ranging from 2TB-4TB, Gigabit Ethernet, built-in Microsoft Active Directory and iTunes server support, easily-swapped drives, support for multiple RAID configurations, and a front-mounted USB 2.0 port for one-touch transfer from other drives. It's a silver cube of power.

  • OneLessDesk

    One-piece desks are a thing of the past. The OneLessDesk ($650) proves this point by utilizing two separate decks to maximize space and ergonomic comfort. The upper deck provides a large surface designed to hold your monitor, docks, and other accessories, complete with intelligent cord management and a hidden shelf to hold large external hard drives, unsightly power bricks, or even a Mac Mini-sized PC. The lower deck, which at 25.5" tall slides perfectly underneath the upper deck, provides an ergonomic work environment, with space for your keyboard, mouse, and other hands-on tools. The best part? It looks even better than it sounds.

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