Orvis Vortex Disc Drag Fly Reel

Orvis Vortex Disc Drag Fly Reel

Although we don't get the chance to do a lot of fly fishing here around the Uncrate office, if we did we'd surely be using this reel. The Vortex VO2 Disc Drag Fly Reel from Orvis ($525-$700) kicks unholy fly fishing butt with its big fish design. It features a composite cork-to-Rulon drag surface which helps to dissipate heat and is very large to help make sure you have enough line, and, well, it simply looks really cool. If you're out there trying to catch your biggest fish yet, make sure you've got this — and plenty of patience — with you.

  • Laser Slingshot

    You're looking at the world's first laser-sighted slingshot ($50). Gone are the days of only grazing poor, defenseless animals — the PS-52's laser alignment system ensures you'll kill with pin point accuracy. And if slaughtering and mounting tiny vermin isn't your thing, you can always impress dates by splitting pencils at 20 feet or hitting cans at 60 feet away.

  • Pedalite

    With the short winter days, you're more likely to be caught out after dark on your bike. And if you're not wearing some reflective gear, you're at risk of becoming asphalt seasoning. The Pedalite ($90) is an illuminated bike pedal that makes you visible. The best part is that the Pedalite pedals use no batteries — each has a tiny gear generator and energy storage capacitor that charges while you pedal. They'll even continue to flash for up to 12 minutes after you stop pedaling.

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