Oskar Humidifier

Make your bedroom (or any small space in your house or apartment) more comfortable as the weather gets dryer with the Oskar Humidifier ($125). This small, styling humidifier runs silently and efficiently, letting you get a restful night's sleep thanks to the its quiet mechanism and night-mode LED lights. A built-in fragrance dispenser lets it do double duty, while the automatic shut-off helps you conserve energy when it runs out of water.

  • Oree Touch Slab

    If you're getting tired of the all-brushed-aluminum motif you have going on your desk, it might be time to consider a replacement for your trackpad. The Oree Touch Slab ($200) is made from a single piece of premium walnut or maple wood, but still works as a fully-functioning trackpad. The trackpad also doubles as a numerical keypad, in case you're in need of one. It works with all versions of Mac OS, as well as Windows 7 or 8, and, while currently available for pre-order, will ship in late October.

  • Braun ET66 Calculator

    Some consumer products leave a lasting mark on the design world, inspiring others to innovate (and in many cases imitate) for generations — a disproportionate number of those things came from Braun, and in particular, industrial designer Dieter Rams. The Braun ET66 Calculator ($50), though an incredibly simple device, is an often-copied piece of industrial design. Go ahead, grab your iPhone and open up the calculator app — it ought to look pretty familiar. While there are plenty of calculators (and apps) out there with more robust functionality, there are none as iconic.

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