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If you aren't a regular vodka drinker, it can be tough to distinguish between quality stuff and bottom shelf vodka that is prepared with the sole intent of self obliteration. Our / Vodka is one that certainly falls into the quality category, produced by local experts in Berlin, Germany in a specially built urban micro-distillery and sold exclusively in local bars. The good news for us is, it's done so well on the local market that the market is expanding, as the brand is opening up in eleven cities across the US, Europe and Australia, starting in Detroit, Michigan. Each batch will be made with the same recipe, but every distillery will use locally sourced ingredients, giving each run some hometown character.

  • Glazed Donut Vodka

    And so the trend of insanely sweet vodka flavors marches on with Glazed Donut Vodka ($16). Created by a company that knows a thing or two about sweet-flavored vodkas — other 360 flavors include double chocolate, bing cherry, and cola — it beats out the real thing by over 150 calories — assuming you're watching your weight — and is bound to mix well with an array of ingredients that you wouldn't let anywhere near a glass of Belvedere. Bacon donut martinis, anyone? [Scouted by Drew]

  • Stoli Hot Vodka

    Don't confuse hot vodka for warm vodka — that's just gross. Instead, Stoli Hot Vodka ($TBA) is designed to trump normal pepper vodka by bringing some actual mouth-heat, thanks to the spicy jalapeño flavor that arrives on the tails of a hint of smoke. Now when you order your bloody mary "spicy as hell", the barkeep will actually have something worthwhile to mix with the tall glass of Sriracha he's making for you.

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