Outdoor Tech Kodiak Ruggedized Portable Charger

There are plenty of battery packs out there that can keep your gadgets charged on the go, but few of them can stand up to the elements like the Outdoor Tech Kodiak Ruggedized Portable Charger. This rugged power source sports a high-capacity, 6000 milliamp battery that can charge a GoPro six times, a Galaxy three times, or an iPhone four times without needing to recharge — and it does it quickly, too, thanks to 2.1 Amp output. It's also certified IP-54 shock- and water-resistant, so it'll stay ready for action no matter what abuse you throw its way.

  • Spy Bolt

    Have something small — cash, microfilm, an SD card loaded with private videos — that you want kept safe and out-of-sight? Hide it in plain view with the Spy Bolt. Based on Soviet KGB hollow bolts, this handy gadget features a secret storage compartment that's nearly half and inch in diameter and almost three inches long, offering plenty of room for covert communications. And should the bolt find its way outside, you rest assured that the contents are safe, thanks to an O-ring seal around the top.

  • Kinect For Windows

    At this point, we're all familiar with the Kinect, Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral that made gaming on the console less about moving your fingers and more about moving your body (or your mouth). Now, the Kinect For Windows promises to do the same thing for the box that sits on your desk, rather than your media shelf. But in spite of its obvious usefulness in the gaming arena, one of the best things about the Kinect was its hackability — letting developers use it for a range of purposes Microsoft never could have dreamt of — and the Windows version provides the same DIY potential on your PC. But at nearly half the price of the XBox One, you wouldn't be faulted for wondering if the juice was really worth the squeeze.

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