Outlier Minimal Backpack

When a product describes itself as "minimal", it tends to mean a lack of superfluous buttons, or just a very straightforward design — but in the case of the Outlier Minimal Backpack ($130), it really takes the meaning of the word to heart. The secret to this waterproof, featherweight pack is its nonwoven Dyneema construction, which makes it ten times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float on water, and versatile enough to stuff into a pocket. Try that with your average Jansport. [Scouted by Katherine]

  • Incase Beams Pack

    Since its founding in 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, Beams has been known for its hip wares — and the new Incase Beams Pack ($180). Made exclusively for the high-end shops, this limited edition pack offers a natural cotton canvas or blue denim upper, a leather bottom, and multiple interior pockets for accessories. You can order the classy gray canvas and leather version online, but you'd best be booking a flight to Tokyo if you're looking to score some denim.

  • Tanner Krolle Enigma Satchel

    Sure, it's gorgeous, but the Tanner Krolle Enigma Satchel (£975, roughly $1,570) is more than just a pretty face. Thanks to its unique lock — based on a traditional safe lock, with clockwise and counter-clockwise coding — it can keep your laptop and important files safely inside the two A4-sized internal compartments, while less critical item can be stored in the two smaller front pockets. Perfect for "I'm carrying top-secret plans and have my bag attached to my person with a chain" types.

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