OXO Anniversary Edition Uplift Tea Kettle

The difference between a good design and a great one is longevity — great design is timeless, but as such, it takes time to recognize. The OXO Anniversary Edition Uplift Tea Kettle ($70) was created to do exactly that — recognize ten years of the company's classic kettle, with long-lasting stainless steel and zinc construction and handles made from natural cork. As an added bonus, you can pretty much guarantee it'll look as cool in 2022 as it does today.

  • Cuppow

    Some of our favorite salsas and sauces come in plain, reusable jars — but unless you're running a country-themed bar, they aren't so useful for drinking out of thereafter. Unless you've got a Cuppow ($9). This brilliant little tool acts like a coffee cup lid, working with most normal wide-mouth canning jars to turn them into efficient, reusable, spill-free travel mugs — although it still won't stop you from burning your hands should you decide to fill it with hot coffee.

  • Espro Press

    Get all the flavor of a french press with none of the grit by brewing your coffee with an Espro Press ($85). This precision coffee brewer can make about 30 oz. of joe per pot, using a unique double-stage filter to keep grit and grounds out of your coffee, leaving only smooth, rich, flavorful coffee in its wake. If you're on the fence, consider this — the price will go up to $100 once the Kickstarter project ends in a couple weeks.

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