Pacemaker Pocket DJ

Pacemaker Pocket DJ

Being a DJ is a blast — you get to add your own touch to music you love. Now you don't need a huge mixer to do it. The Pacemaker ($TBA; Fall 2007) is a pocket-size DJ system featuring a line out crossfader, headphone crossfader, bend and pitch, and more DJ-specific controls. From a technical standpoint, the device rocks a 120GB hard drive, a signal to noise ratio of more than 100dB, 18 hours of music playback, 5 hours of DJ operating time, and support for MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WAV, as well as for Mac and PC. [via]

  • Delta Lab Recording Studios

    If you're a budding musician in need of a recording studio who happens to be hanging out in downtown Copehnhagen, should probably swing by Delta Lab Recording Studios ($615 per day). Your money will get you a professional recording studio, analog or vintage audio equipment, and the attention of a professional in-house team to help you put together that next hip-hop hit. Delta Lab has recently been rebuilt and refurbed, so you won't feel like you're recording in the disco era. 

  • Revenge CD

    If you've been stuck in apartment hell like most of us, you've no doubt dealt with noisy neighbors. Pay them back with the Revenge CD ($18). The album is full of disturbing noises such as a garbage truck, a party of at least 200 people, and an orgasm. Crank it up, go about your business (while wearing the included earplugs), and wait for the asshat upstairs who walks like an elephant to lose it.

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