Back in the pre-iPhone days, a little gadget called the Pacemaker Pocket DJ made a big impression — it was the world's first portable DJ system. Now you can get the same functionality right on your wrist. Pacemaker lets you mix, loop, blend, and drop all you want, using tracks from your own music library or any of the millions of tracks on Spotify, on your iPad, your iPhone, or, for DJs that want to roam the floor during sets, your Apple Watch. Best of all, it's completely free to try, with only the well-built effects costing you any coin.

  • Wakie

    Even the best alarm clocks can't compete with being awoken by a human voice. Thanks to Wakie, you can ease into your day talking to another person, even if you're hopelessly alone. This novel app connects you to an entire network of people that set their alarms not to be jarred out of slumber by alien buzzing, but by receiving a call from another member of the network, who will have a friendly one-minute conversation with them to start their day. You can also choose to be on the waking end of things, calling other members to help them out of bed.

  • Streaks

    We've all got things we'd like to do more often, like read, learn a new language, or just take better care of ourselves. Streaks gives you a little added motivation to do so. Like a fitness tracker for everyday life, it gives you six slots to fill with simple actions you'd like to become daily routines, covering everything from practicing an instrument to taking a photo. It integrates with the Health app, too, so you can still set fitness goals if you'd like, and has customizable reminder notifications to give you the extra push you need.

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