Panatea Instant Matcha

Matcha green tea is a great coffee alternative​ with tons of health benefits. It​ ​delivers comparable energy without the jitters or caffeine crash​ of coffee​​, and it's​ ​packed with ​healthy ​antioxidants​ that support metabolism. PANATEA Instant Matcha packets are the perfect way to enjoy this clean green energy​. Made from the best matcha​ in Japan, these​ ​packets dissolve instantly in hot or cold water, making them ideal for​ ​drinking on the go and at the gym.

Presented by PANATEA.

  • Kardia Mobile EKG

    Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US. An EKG is the easiest way to detect warning signs like atrial fibrillation early. It also usually requires a trip to the doctor. The AliveCor Kardia Mobile EKG lets you take a medical-grade EKG in just 30 seconds wherever you are. Just place your fingers on the electrodes, and it will get your reading, then use a series of neural networks and algorithms to identify potential problems. Most likely, things will check out. But if they don't, the red flags raised could save your life.

  • Steel Mace

    Based on the design of an ancient weapon, the Steel Mace is an unconventional and highly effective fitness tool. Thanks to its uneven weight distribution, it activates smaller stabilizing muscles that might not get worked during more traditional training, increasing the strength of both your core and your joints. The mace itself is incredibly durable, made from hand-sculpted cast iron, with a head that's welded onto the knurled steel handle. Available in 15- and 20-pound versions and finished with a black matte powder coat.

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