Parallels Access

Remotely access any software on your Mac or PC as if it were a native iOS app from your iPad with Parallels Access ($Free). No matter where you are in the world, so long as you have an active internet connection, you can use software from your home or office machine, and access files. Features like tapping, swiping, pinching, and scrolling make it feel like you are working on an application meant for your iPad, while select, drag, copy, and paste let you seamlessly switch between remote apps and iPad apps. A built-in app launcher and app switcher keep you as productive as you would be on your full-size machine.

  • MixBit

    From the team of co-founders who originally brought you YouTube, comes the newest stab at a social video app, MixBit ($Free). Similar to some other popular video apps, it lets you record short (16 second) video clips and share them within the app, and on other social networks. It then lets you take other MixBit clips, and mix them with your own, creating remixed video compilations up to an hour long, and sharing them on the web. Unlike its competitors, all uploads are completely anonymous, and there is no commenting system.

  • Grid

    Organize all the thoughts in your untidy mind into tidy little spaces with Grid ($Free). Whether you're planning a trip, collaborating on a project with coworkers, or you just enjoy making order out of chaos, it helps you easily display a bunch of information in a way that just makes sense. It lets you create grids of related items, including text, maps, photos, and contacts, with intuitive touch gestures accompanied by minimal chrome. When you're done, you can share them with friends to work together, or just save them for your own reference.

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