Parrot Disco Drone

Who said all drones have to be quadcopters? The Parrot Disco Drone has a propeller, but looks far more like a traditional airplane than a futuristic camera-wielding robot. The lightweight design houses a Full HD camera in the front nose, as well as ground sensors, Wi-Fi, GPS, and three-axis stabilization for incredibly easy control. It can fly for up to 45 minutes, automatically fly a predetermined route and return home, and is also compatible with VR headsets for a first-person view of every flight. And it doesn't take much knowledge to get it off the ground, either — if you can throw a paper airplane, you can get it in the air.

  • PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone

    Think you need a huge protective case to carry your drone around? With the PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane Drone, all you need is a small bag and a piece of paper. Developed in collaboration with Parrot, this lightweight drone lets you control your creations, with a wide-angle camera that rotates 360º to give you front, rear, and wing views, a bevy of sensors to give it rock-stable auto-pilot, and special Head Mounted Display gestures in the app that are ideal for VR. It has a 300 foot range, thanks to a MIMO Wi-Fi antenna, can move at speeds of up to 20 mph for up to 10 minutes per charge, and has a carbon fiber and nylon reinforced frame so it should hold up even if it comes crashing down.

  • Trident Underwater Drone

    There are plenty of options if you're wanting a drone to patrol the skies. Not so much for exploring our planet's largest wilderness under the water. The Trident Underwater Drone promises to do exactly that. It uses a hydrodynamically offset thruster design, which offers the speed to cover distances quickly, yet the precision necessary to maneuver in tight spots. It connects to a Wi-Fi buoy to let you control it remotely, can run for up to three hours on a single set of batteries, and has a built-in HD camera with LED lights for capturing footage.

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