Parrot Flower Power

Take your brown thumb and make it green with the Parrot Flower Power ($60). This advanced plant sensor sticks in your flower pot, measuring sunlight, soil moisture, temperature, and fertilizer. It transfers the data over Bluetooth 4.0 to your compatible device, using a dedicated app and a library of nearly 6,000 plants to make sure you're caring for your plant properly. And don't worry about constant battery changes — it'll run for six months on a single AA battery.

  • Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine

    It might look like a naval weapon, but the Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine ($20) is actually an intelligently clever task light. Roughly baseball-sized, it features 11 neodymium magnets on the "spikes", letting it attach quickly and securely to a large variety of surfaces. A total of 12 Lumen Tech LEDs provide plenty of light, and four different modes let it serve as a low-power spotlight, high-power floodlight, a red light for better nighttime visibility, and as a high visibility signal beacon — making it great for keeping in your car for hazard light duties, or for using as a makeshift Bat Signal.

  • Omega Headphone Stands

    The curved shape of on- or over-ear headphones makes them comfortable to wear, but also makes them a pain to display. Omega Headphone Stands ($180) solve this problem by offering a simple Omega-shaped stand, formed from a single piece of wood, coated in matte clear lacquer, and available in cherry, maple, walnut, or zebrano finishes. As a bonus, it should help in keeping your cord untangled, but we know you're really just worried about keeping your Beats out where everyone can seem 'em.

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