Does the world really need another social network? Well, the guys behind Path (Free) would probably answer "yes, and no." Touted as "The Personal Network," Path is a new photo sharing service tailored to posting real-time images from your phone's camera — currently limited to iPhone — and sharing them with up to 50 of your closest, most trusted confidants. It lets you see who's looked at your photo, and uses tags for people, places and things to help you organize memories from your life. So it really is another social network — except when it isn't.

  • Flipboard

    Another day, another new app that seems hellbent on proving once again why you dropped $500+ on that shiny new iPad. Flipboard (Free) is a new "social magazine" application that grabs info from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as from other sources around the web, and presents them in a magazine-like layout, complete with large images, clean typefaces, and a general panache that goes well beyond the average client — which is making our standalone social apps more than a little nervous.

  • Diacarta

    Looking for a more elegant way to plan your days than the iPhone's built-in Calendar app? Give Diacarta ($2) a try. Based around a novel interface that offers two 12-hour periods — AM and PM — for each day, users drag-and-drop from a library of more than 50 graphic icons on to screen, and move it around the edges of the central clock to associate it with a particular time. Simple, elegant, and well-designed, it's well worth the two bucks even if your day planning consists of nothing but "buying beer," "grilling out," and "drinking beer."

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