Pen Type-A

Pen Type-A

Love Hi-Tec-C pens but not so enthusiastic about their pedestrian plastic housings? Let the Pen Type-A ($50) come to your rescue. Milled and turned from a solid block of 304 stainless steel, this unique writing instrument supports both Pilot Hi-Tec-C and G-Tec-C Cartridges in a variety of colors and widths, as well as a finish that is made to outlast your desire to hand write anything and a nifty storage sleeve that doubles as a ruler.

  • Bulletproof Clipboard

    Whether you work in a super rugged environment or just want a more effective sheild than your fourth wife, the Bulletproof Clipboard ($45) should serve you well. Made from a slab of Level II body armor, this crazy clipboard can stop 9mm rounds dead in their tracks, and is also useful for, you know, holding paper.

    Our thanks to Gillette for sponsoring our Gear articles this month.

  • Turtle Pens

    We're pretty sure this is the first time we've heard the phrase "turtle head" used in a positive, non-gross way. Turtle Pens (£30-£35; roughly $50-$60) eschew the typical addicting push-top design for a unique, patented "SNAPback" design that has the user pull the rear casing of the pen back, letting it recoil to expose the nib, which is centered in a bit of extendable casing the company has dubbed the Turtle Head. Available in black, white, green, or orange, each pen also comes in a sturdy stainless steel storage canister that looks like it might be good for more than just holding a writing instrument. [Thanks, Brad]

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