In an ongoing attempt to make drawing and painting on an iPad more like its real-life equivalent, the guys who brought us Paper have introduced their take on the artist's stylus, the Pencil ($50-$60). Available in either graphite or walnut, and inspired by the shape of a carpenter's pencil, this stylus sports a range of features that let you create digital art more easily. Palm rejection makes sure that Paper doesn't pick up the presence of your hand while you work, while the built-in eraser lets you simply remove mistakes. Bluetooth connectivity, a month of battery power, and a highly sensitive tip make it wonderful to work with every time.

  • Truffol iPhone Cases

    We're pretty crazy about our iPhones — some of us are so crazy we refuse to put cases on them, lest we sully their near-perfect appearance. But that kind of stubbornness can get us in trouble, resulting in cracked glass, scratched aluminum, and an expensive repair bill. With Truffol iPhone Cases ($75), you can protect your beloved phone without making it look like a turd. Available in either stainless steel or Italian leather, and precision CNC milled for a perfect fit, it's the next best thing to going nude. Only available for the iPhone 5.

  • Poppy 3D iPhone Camera

    For anyone who remembers looking at images through a View-Master as a kid, the Poppy 3D iPhone Camera ($39) should look familiar. Just by popping your device into the slot on top, you can shoot and view 3D images and video using your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then share your videos or images on the web, letting your friends view them using their own Poppy, a 3D monitor, or red and blue glasses. While it'll work using any photo or video app, they've also made their own iOS app to make things easier.

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