Pentatonic Airtool Chair

Deceptively simple for such an elegant object, the Pentatonic Airtool Chair takes its name seriously. The "Air" comes from the base components, which are formed using gas-assisted manufacturing techniques to leave them hollow, lightweight, and yet strong. "Tool" refers to the fact that each element serves as a tool on its own, making complicated assembly instructions unnecessary. On top of the base sits a seat shell made from one of three innovative materials — two are made from repurposed trash, while one feels like wool even though it's plastic. An ideal — and environmentally-conscious — addition to any work area.

  • Fil Mass Series Dining Chair

    A contrast of wood and metal, the Fil Mass Series Dining Chair brings a sophisticated elegance to any setting. Its backrest and seat are made from solid Oguni cedar wood, while the thin frame is crafted from tubular copper-finished metal, lending the chair an airy quality. It's finished with a pair of Maharam 008 Sycamore fabric cushions.

  • No Rock Self-Stabilizing Tables

    Folded-up napkins. Menus. Books. We'll use nearly anything to keep our table from rocking while we're trying to dine. No Rock Self-Stabilizing Tables make the process a thing of the past by automatically adapting to uneven surfaces. The trick lies in its bottom legs and feet, which connect to the center independently, letting each sit at the correct angle to ensure a level surface up top. They adapt to nearly any top and come in five different styles to suit any decor.

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