PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain

PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain

There's nothing quite as annoying — or gross — as a clogged drain, which is why we're considering the PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain ($20) in the Uncrate HQ mens room. Made from clear ABS plastic and synthetic rubber, the Perma-Flow attaches easily to standard kitchen and bath drains, and features a unique, integrated drain-clearing wiper that helps you move clogs on down the line, and stops lost items from venturing past the point of no return. Plus, by removing the need for excess amounts of Liquid-Plumr, you're also doing the environment a favor at the same time.

  • AirStash

    Need to add some serious storage to your portable media player or phone? Check out the AirStash ($TBA). This pocketable gadget lets you insert up to a 32GB SD card to use as storage, a USB plug for copying over content directly from your computer, and built-in Wi-Fi that allows user to access any supported media file directly through your device's browser, no cables — or apps — needed.

  • Skiff

    Move over Kindle and Nook: there's a new e-reader in town. The Skiff Reader ($TBA) boasts the largest, most high-resolution display of any consumer e-reader yet, clocking in at 11.5 inches and 1200x1600 resolution. Made using LG's "Metal Foil" e-Paper technology, it removes the risk of breakage found in other, glass-based screens, and offers full touchscreen capabilities, as well. The device will be sold and supported by Sprint over 3G, and also offers a built-in content store and Wi-Fi.

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