Perpetuum Calendar

There are plenty of traditional paper calendars that are worthy of your time. Yet even the best ones need replacement once a year. The Perpetuum Calendar will enhance the looks of your desk without ever running out. Its base, with a sawtooth shape inspired by factories of the early 20th century, is 3D-printed in either gray metallic plastic or jet black nylon, while 14k gold-plated timepieces mark the month and the day, and require you to move them manually, bringing the passage of time into daily focus.

  • Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Chair

    The original Aeron, designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, is such an iconic staple that it holds a place in MoMA's permanent collection. Over 20 years after its debut, it's getting a refresh. Developed with Chadwick's input, the Herman Miller Aeron Remastered Chair updates this classic for modern offices. It's three pounds lighter than the original, and made from more sustainable materials. Those include 8Z Pellicle fabric on the seat and back that lets air, heat, and vapor pass through, making it more comfortable while delivering varying tension for increased support. The updated tilt mechanism and controls make it easier to customize and support more varied positions, and individual pads mimic a healthy standing position, making sitting for hours slightly less bad for you. Available in three sizes and in three carefully curated color palettes: the light Mineral, neutral Carbon, and dark Graphite.

  • MB&F Astrograph Pen

    Born out of dreams of space travel and science fiction, the MB&F Astrograph Pen is as much an objet d'art as it is a writing instrument. It was the result of a four-year collaboration between the Swiss watch maker and Caran d'Ache, a legendary producer of pens, pencils, pastels, and other artistic tools. The fountain pen is crafted from nearly 100 rhodium-plated components, and has a rocket-like design with three stabilizer legs that extend out to hold the pen upright when not in use. It arrives in a launch pad presentation box and includes a magnetized astronaut figurine that will attach to any point on the pen or pad. Available in three different finishes and limited to just 99 examples.

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