Personal Viking Ship

Live out your fantasies of sea-faring exploration and pillaging with this Personal Viking Ship. Sold by The Viking Ship Museum and hand-built to order by skilled craftsmen using authentic tools in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde, these ships are as close as you can come to inheriting an ancient vessel that belonged to a distant ancestor. Oh, and should the personal size not be up to your standards, don't worry — there's a full range of models, including the intimidating, nearly 10-meter-long Gokstad battle cruiser.

  • Claydon Reeves Aeroboat

    Inspired by the Spitfire WWII fighter plane, the Claydon Reeves Aeroboat recalls the golden age of flight while staying grounded to the water. The 48-foot boat is built from high-end superyacht materials, yet maintains the attitude of the Spitfire, and is powered by a supercharged V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine that can be configured to deliver between 1500 and 2500hp, good for speeds of up to and over 75 knots. There's room for up to 7 passengers aboard — including in the luxurious cabin — a mix of analog gauges and touch-screen controls, and shock-mounted forward seats inspired by the Spitfire's landing gear, but if you want one, you'd best hurry: only 10 are being made.

  • Solar Roadways

    Our system of highways, roads, avenues, bike paths, sidewalks, and parking lots serve a clear and important purpose — the facilitation of easy transportation — but it could do so much more. With Solar Roadways, every paved surface in the country could one day be turned into a source of renewable energy, ultimately producing enough electricity to power our nation three times over. And there's more: programmable LEDs would send information to drivers, while eliminating the need for painted road markers, while built-in heat sources would make snowy and icy roads a thing of the past. While it seems a little pie-in-the-sky right now, they've already received funding from federal highway authorities to begin pilot programs — so a brave new world could be nearer than we ever thought possible.

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