Even the most attentive pet owners can't be around to look after their animals all day, every day — but with Petcube ($150) you can watch, speak to, and even play with your dog or cat from your smartphone. A wide-angle HD camera gives you a great view of your pet using their iOS app, while a built-in speaker lets you speak to them. A low-intensity laser also allows you to play with your pet through the app, so you can entertain them from far away. This durable four- by four -by four-inch cube is made from aluminum and glass, so it looks great, and with customizable skins and covers, you can make it your own.

  • Pintofeed

    You already do basically everything with your phone — pay your bills, keep in touch with friends and family, do your shopping, set your fantasy lineup — you might as well use it to take care of your pets. With Pintofeed ($180), all you need is a smartphone to make sure Sparky or Pookie never miss a meal, whether you're working late, on vacation, or just too lazy to feed the animal that loves you unconditionally and relies on you for literally everything. This smart feeder can hold up to ten pounds of food (kept fresh thanks to airtight seals), and dispenses it according to your wireless command or an intelligent schedule that learns your pet's routine. It accommodates food of various sizes, and can be programmed to dole out any amount. The only thing easier would be not owning a pet at all.

  • Oree Touch Slab

    If you're getting tired of the all-brushed-aluminum motif you have going on your desk, it might be time to consider a replacement for your trackpad. The Oree Touch Slab ($200) is made from a single piece of premium walnut or maple wood, but still works as a fully-functioning trackpad. The trackpad also doubles as a numerical keypad, in case you're in need of one. It works with all versions of Mac OS, as well as Windows 7 or 8, and, while currently available for pre-order, will ship in late October.

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