Phase One XF 100MP Camera

Megapixels are far from the most important aspect of a camera, but they sure can come in handy. Thanks to a full-frame medium format CMOS sensor that's 2.5 times the size of the ones you'll find in typical DSLRs, the Phase One XF 100MP Camera offers an incredible 100 megapixels of resolution without sacrificing image quality. It does so by packing in 16-bit color depth, 15 stops of dynamic range, an ISO range of 50 - 12,800, and the ability to shoot long exposures of up to 60 minutes. All those pixels also mean high sensitivity to movement, so the system builds in vibration tracking and detection as well as an electronic first curtain shutter to help keep the shakes at bay.

  • Lytro Immerge VR Camera

    It looks like no other camera, because it is like no other camera. The Lytro Immerge VR Camera is the latest creative tool from the light field specialists and uses a globe-like array to capture immersive video. Because the camera captures both depth data and light ray data, it's able to recreate the scene from a number of angles, letting viewers move side to side, up and down, and forwards and backwards as they watch, and lets editors seamlessly blend in CG elements with pinpoint precision. This pro-level technology requires a pro-level rig, so the camera comes with a dedicated server to process and manage footage, its own editing software, and playback software that works with most VR headsets.

  • Leica SL Camera

    It's not the first full-frame mirrorless camera on the market. But it might be the best. The new Leica SL Camera has the fastest autofocus of any professional camera, including DSLRs, making it easy to snap detailed 24 megapixel shots of fast action. Its EyeRes electronic viewfinder has imperceptibly low latency, 4.4 million pixels resolution, and lets you see how the final image will look, its Maestro II processor allows for burst shooting of up to 11 fps and 4K video capture, and the lens mount is compatible with both SL and T/TL lenses. All of this is housed in a rock-solid, weather-sealed aluminum body that is built to meet the demands of the most discerning pro shooters.

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