Philips Power Potion

No, Philips hasn't gotten into the bodybuilding supplement business. Instead, Philips Power Potion is an unassuming portable battery pack for keeping your gadgets charged up. By disguising a 3,000 mAh battery inside a fragrance bottle-shaped soft touch plastic housing, this clever power pack can supply an iPhone 6S Plus with one full charge, no outlet needed. There's an integrated Lightning connector in the top, a micro USB input, standard USB output, and LED power indicator in the bottom, and an aluminum ring around the top that matches the color of your phone.

Photos: Catherine Wong

  • Poppi Airline

    Despite the best efforts of forward-thinking carriers like Virgin and Emirates, air travel remains a hellish experience for most. Poppi is a concept airline created by Teague, an air travel design firm that's worked with Boeing since the mid 1940s, that would make a number of changes to benefit both the flyer and the airline alike. Gone are the space-hogging, time-wasting overhead bins, replaced by thin compartments for things like laptop bags and jackets that can speed up boarding times by over 70 percent while your checked baggage is stamped with an RFID tag to help you keep track of it. Middle seats would become sponsored affairs, with special gifts and perks awaiting those who book them, and the elbow-killing beverage carts are replaced by vending machines placed strategically throughout the cabin. For movie buffs, there's "cinema class" with a huge screen and blacked-out lights for a more enjoyable experience, and you could buy or sell your tickets, or even just swap seats, all from a user-friendly app. It's just an idea, for now, but with any luck you'll see some of these ideas in use by real-life airlines sooner rather than later.

  • Game Boy 1Up

    If you grew up on the Game Boy, or just respect and understand the trail it blazed for all the handheld gaming devices that came after it, you'll love the idea behind the Game Boy 1Up. The concept takes the original elements of the Game Boy from 1989, and updates them in subtle ways like the addition of earbuds and the evolution to landscape mode. If executed, the 1Up would be compatible with the functions and requirements of current games, constructed from plastic reinforced with natural fiber.

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