Pictar iPhone Camera Grip

Every year, the camera in your iPhone gets better. Every year, the controls stay the same. Take full advantage of your most used camera with the Pictar iPhone Camera Grip. It gives you a dual-stage shutter release that lets you lock focus and exposure like an SLR, as well as wheels for taking control of exposure compensation, zoom, ISO, and/or shutter speed, a toggle for the selfie camera, a strap for preventing drops, a cold shoe for external mics/flashes, and a standard tripod mount. And since it uses high-frequency sound waves of 18500-20000 kHz to operate, its battery life ranges in the months, not hours or days.

  • Zeiss ExoLens

    The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Yet most photography enthusiasts wish they could push it farther. The Zeiss ExoLens lets you do exactly that. Leveraging the German company's legendary optic expertise, these add-on lenses come in three models — wide-angle, telephoto, and macro — and offer outstanding sharpness and contrast from one edge to the other. The macro lens also holds the distinction of being the first add-on lens to offer a zoom function, and all three lenses attach to a machined aluminum bracket that doubles as a tripod adapter and cold shoe mount for flashes and other accessories.

  • Shure MV88 iOS Microphone

    Apple's iOS devices have already proven their worth for recording everything from interviews to movie footage. But as handy as they are, their microphones leave something to be desired. The Shure MV88 iOS Microphone is an easy way to upgrade their audio chops. Compatible with all Lightning-equipped devices, it uses matched cardioid and bidirectional cartridges set in an all-metal enclosure with holes on the sides to ensure clear stereo audio. The companion app lets you control the gain, EQ, stereo width, and gives you access to 5 DSP preset modes to instantly optimize it for speech, vocals, acoustic performances, or loud environments.

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