Pilot G2 Mini

Pilot G2 Mini

We're huge fans of Pilot's G2 gel ink pen. We love the G2 so much that we hold weddings for each pen and Moleskine notebook that get used together. Kidding. We're not that weird — we just hold funerals when their ink runs dry. Anyway, Pilot has introduced the G2 Mini ($6-$16; Feb. 1), a smaller version that will fit better in our pockets and take up less room in our gadget bag. It's available in eight colors in packs of 3, 4 and 8. Like the original, the Mini has a comfortable rubber grip and acid-free, archival safe gel ink that is water-resistant and smear-proof.

  • Kung Fu Kids Clock & Card Holder

    Despite the somewhat confusing name, the Kung Fu Kids Clock & Card Holder ($40) is quite a cool little gadget, and makes a perfect gift for the office of a loved one. It features a small figurine that holds up the clock and card holder, symbolizing positive “chi” and “control of time as well as power and strength.” We don’t know about all of that, but it does look cool — and makes us want to bust out some old Bruce Lee flicks.

  • Mark Twain Crescent Fountain Pen

    Did you know that Mark Twain was a spokesman for a pen? Yup, and here it is. This exact replica of the original Conklin Pen Company Crescent Filler ($315) was used and promoted by Twain himself over a hundred years ago. Twain expressed his love for the self-filling fountain pen in an ad in which he stated: "I prefer it to ten other fountain pens, because it carries its filler in its own stomach, and I can not mislay even by art or intention. Also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver; it cannot roll off the desk." However, the price might bring the cussing out.

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