Pine Mini Computer

The rise of the smartphone has given rise to something else: incredibly cheap, powerful components. The Pine Mini Computer takes some of these and uses them to create a highly-capable, highly-affordable bare-bones rig. It's powered by a quad-core, 64-bit ARM processor running Android, Ubuntu, or any other compatible OS you load up from the Micro SD slot. There's also two I/O expansion slots, dual-core graphics capable of outputting 4K H.265 video, up to 2GB of integrated RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and vast array of potential uses.

  • Vinyl Me, Please

    Depending on your age, you might not remember the days of record clubs, where you'd get a different album every month in the mail. Vinyl Me, Please is like that, only immeasurably better. Dedicated to the album as an art form, they hand-select each month's release, working with the artists and labels to get special-edition pressings made exclusively for their members. Their selections span multiple genres and eras, and arrive with an original 12 x 12 art print and custom cocktail recipe. Vinyl Me, Please also has a gift program allowing you to get that music lover in your life music monthly and 1-3 free bonus records to deliver with the subscription.

    Presented by Vinyl Me, Please.

  • Epson PaperLab Papermaking Machine

    Using recycled paper is better than the alternative, but it still has its problems. Namely, the carbon wasted transporting the product, the water used to make it, and the security risks inherent in handing over shredded internal documents. The Epson PaperLab Papermaking Machine has a solution for all these. This compact, self-contained machine can take your office's scrap paper and turn it into fresh, recycled sheets without using a single drop of water. Instead, it returns your waste paper to fibers, binds and pressure forms them, and spits out new paper at a rate of up to 6,720 sheets per work day, all on-site, and without the need for delivery trucks, markups, or wasteful water usage.

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