Ping Pong Conference Table

Relieve your unproductive meeting frustration without even leaving the meeting room with this Ping Pong Conference Table. Made from stark, powder-coated white tubular steel, it features concealed drawers for holding ping pong essentials and/or meeting supplies, a color-coordinated net, and a pair of central panel inserts — one that's a net support, and one that does hide-away power and cable management. Matching paddles included. [via]

  • Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus

    Most premium pens are overpriced — and hacking their refills to fit your cheapo Bic isn't exactly a good solution. This Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus ($65), on the other hand, is. Made completely from TA4 titanium, it features a tension spring to allow it to work with refills from a host of great pen makers, including Cross, Pelikan, Pentel, Mont Blanc, MonteVerde, Zebra, and more — even including the aforementioned Bic. When the pen's not in use, the built-in clip will keep it in place in your bag or on your notebook, while the replaceable stylus tip means its good on more surfaces than just paper.

  • Ti2 Pen

    Add a small touch of class to your office by ditching your disposable for a Ti2 Pen ($55 and up). Based on the Pilot HITEC C pen system, the Ti2 is machined out of grade 2 titanium for strength, looks, and corrosion resistance, features four parts — a cap, main body tube, dual threaded front, and threaded endcap — and is available with your choice of color and size.

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