Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen

Already known for their design contribution to the likes of Ferrari, Pininfarina is synonymous with beautiful, luxurious aesthetics. But now they'll be known for something a little bit different — the Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen. At first glance, the design is unmistakably Pininfarina, with an elegant shape, handcrafted in Italy from aluminum and wood. But the design is far from the most impressive aspect of this pen. Its ethergraph tip allows it to write forever, without the need to ever refill ink. This tip gives it the precision of writing with a sharp pencil, with effortless strokes, while also leaving a permanent mark like your former favorite pen.

  • Wolfram Survival Cabinet

    If you haven't yet started preparing for a potential breakdown of society, don't worry — the Wolfram Survival Cabinet gives even the laziest among us a one-step way to go from woefully unprepared to ready for anything. The cabinet itself is double steel-walled, made in the USA, features dual locks, and comes in a handsome orange. But it's what's inside that's the real draw: over 170 items carefully selected to keep you safe and alive should all hell break loose. From water, food, and first-aid materials to tools, sanitation, and shelter needs, it's got your covered.

  • Crescent Switchblade Cutter

    Replace at least four grip-based tools with a single Crescent Switchblade Cutter. This handy tool uses a compound action design to deliver maximum leverage with minimum effort, and includes four separate blades: a straight cutting blade for ducting and siding, a cable cutting blade for wires and such, a standard plier head with its own wire cutter, and a multi-purpose blade that can cut rope, shingles, vinyl, and plastics, cut and bend wire, and, because no tool is complete without it, open bottles. Just throw it in the included holster and get to work.

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