You already do basically everything with your phone — pay your bills, keep in touch with friends and family, do your shopping, set your fantasy lineup — you might as well use it to take care of your pets. With Pintofeed ($180), all you need is a smartphone to make sure Sparky or Pookie never miss a meal, whether you're working late, on vacation, or just too lazy to feed the animal that loves you unconditionally and relies on you for literally everything. This smart feeder can hold up to ten pounds of food (kept fresh thanks to airtight seals), and dispenses it according to your wireless command or an intelligent schedule that learns your pet's routine. It accommodates food of various sizes, and can be programmed to dole out any amount. The only thing easier would be not owning a pet at all.

  • Cordli Case

    Keep all the excess cable that comes along with your headphones under wraps, while protecting your iPhone, with the Cordli Case ($15-$25). This iPhone case (designed to accommodate an iPhone 4 or 4s) has grooves and clips that weave across its back, letting you stow away 10 to 20 inches of headphone cable. It's perfect for storing shorter headphones while they're not in use, or for taking out some of the slack in a longer cable, avoiding bulk in your pocket. While not yet available, an iPhone 5 case is in the works, and should be ready soon. Available in blue, black, or white.

  • Dark Energy Reservoir

    Make dead devices a thing of the past with the Dark Energy Reservoir ($129). You've all been in situations where your smartphone, tablet, or camera needed some extra juice — whether you're traveling on a plane, train, or bus, you're in an emergency scenario, or you're outdoors miles from an outlet. This slim, portable charger holds enough power to charge the average smartphone for an entire week, and it does it as fast as a wall outlet. With the ability to charge two devices at once, and compatibility with any USB charging device, you'll never have to worry about charging again.

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