Pintrill Pins

These metal and enamel micro-sized artworks are equal part social commentary and pop culture comedy. Available in a huge array of designs, Pintrill Pins cover everything from classic emojis and purple drank to Larry David and Kanye's anticipated 2020 campaign, and look great on everything from baseball caps to bags to business suits.

  • Wrist Ruler

    A good rule for accessorizing: if it doesn't do something functional, it's probably not worth wearing. The Wrist Ruler is a perfect example. Resembling a plain leather bracelet from afar, it actually doubles as a ruler, with laser-engraved inch and centimeter markings and a handsome silver post. Individually numbered and made in small runs in a Portland, OR workshop.

  • Grifter Onyx Ranger Glove

    Using a mix of materials, the Grifter Onyx Ranger Glove keeps your hands warm when the temperatures drop. The tops of the gloves are covered in American Mills Cone Selvedge Black Denim, while the palm and inside of the fingers is covered in black deer skin. Add to that the wool lining and extended, scalloped cuffs, and you've got a fashionable glove that will keep you comfortable no matter what you're up to. Made in the USA.

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