Pioneer Kuro Plasma Displays

Pioneer Kuro Plasma Displays

The king of plasma is back — and he's got an even darker outlook on things. Pioneer just announced its 2008 line of Kuro Plasma HDTVs, which feature black levels five times deeper than the award-winning 2007 models. The 1080p displays, which now measure only 3.7-inches thick, come in two standard models — the 50-inch PDP-5020FD ($4,000) and 60-inch PDP-6020FD ($5,500). Pioneer is also selling two Kuro Elite models — the 50-inch PRO-111FD ($5,000) and 60-inch PRO-151FD ($6,500). The Elite TVs feature an enhanced "Optimum mode," which "seamlessly examines the sound, picture and room light conditions at the same time and adjusts the audio and video settings by the slightest variation to deliver a near flawless viewing experience."

  • LaCie LaCinema

    Like an Apple TV on steroids, the LaCie LaCinema ($230) is not only the same price as the fruit-branded set-top box, but also offers similar features with real internal storage — either 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB. Simply drag your audio and video content over from your PC or Mac, and then connect the LaCinema to your TV. It supports most popular audio and video formats, including videos up to 1080i resolution, making it yet another nice addition to your HDTV.

  • Sony XEL-1 OLED TV

    It might be small, but it's a start. The Sony XEL-1 ($2,500) is the first Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) television available in the U.S. The 11-inch XEL-1 TV is 3 millimeters thin and apparently offers just insane picture quality. OLED technology brings "extremely high contrast (very deep blacks and a contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1), outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a rapid response time." It's got the normal connectivity options, including two HDMI inputs and a Memory Stick slot for checking out high-res photos.

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