Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station Platinum Edition

You don't need to be a platinum artist to enjoy the Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station Platinum Edition ($1,000). This smallish instrument/device lets you create and utilize a wide range of remix effects, split up on-machine into four separate groups — Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX. Hardware includes RCA and quarter-inch inputs and outputs that sit alongside a USB port that turns the entire thing into a controller for many audio programs. Pretty much the only thing it can't do is supply you with musical ability.

  • Alpaca Travel Guitar

    We're not 100% sure where you'd be traveling that you'd need all the ruggedness of the Alpaca Travel Guitar ($575), but we are sure that if you do need it, you'll be glad to have it. Handcrafted in Vermont from carbon fiber, flax fabric, and bio-derived resins, this waterproof instrument features a headless neck, a soundhole near the forward part of the body, an embedded daisy chain on the back for connecting it directly to any outdoor gear — think backpack or rucksack — and a three-point strap system.

  • Bowoo Guitar Case

    Straddling the line between a hard case and a gig bag, the Bowoo Guitar Case ($320 and up) promises to be the last case you'll need. Handcrafted in Vermont, it features a rugged Cordura exterior, a soft, Velcro-friendly interior lining, an included neck rest block, and suede on the case handles, headstock and soundhole paddings, and shoulder straps. In addition, it also offers reinforced seams, metal hardware, a rigid internal frame with 20mm of interior padding, straps that convert from a single shoulder to backpack-style, and enough room for everything from an electric all the way up to a full dreadnaught, all in a package that's half the weight of a traditional hard case. Shipments begin next month.

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