Pipeworks Citra Ninja Beer

If you hear good things about the craft beer boom in Chicago, it's hard to have the conversation without mentioning Pipeworks Brewing. Citra Ninja is a standout amongst a full slate of great options that Pipeworks offers, and it stands out for a reason. Bursting from the bottle with citrusy hop aromas, Citra Ninja is aggressive yet subtle, swiftly attacking your palate like, well, a ninja. The Citra hop strain might be the trendiest hop on the market right now, but not everyone wields it as well as Pipeworks with Citra Ninja.

  • HopBox Home-Brewing Kit

    Brewing beer at home really isn't all that hard — so long as you have all the right equipment, and just a little bit of patience. But with all the brewing kits available out there, how do you know when you've picked the right one? With the HopBox Home-Brewing Kit, you get everything you need to brew, all housed in a stylish wooden crate with storage for every last tool you'll need. In addition to the handcrafted box (built from responsibly-sourced pine) you get a three-gallon carboy, a hydrometer, a syphon, a funnel, a stopper, an airlock, a thermometer, a cleaning brush, tubing, and more. And with a recipe book, a set of complete instructions, and a brewer's log, all you need to do is supply the ingredients before you're making great beer fit to share with friends.

  • Ryan And The Gosling Beer

    Rarely outdone with cleverly named beers, Evil Twin Brewing are at it again with Ryan And The Gosling. Evil Twin, who are always collaborating with other brewers, worked together with the fine folks at Crooked Stave Brewing in Denver, Colorado for this unique, and limited brew. It's a brett fermented pale ale brewed with citrus juice, peel, and citra hops. Making it a funky fresh, zesty, low alcohol (4%) treat perfect for a warm day — or maybe another viewing of Drive.

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