Plastc Card

Should Apple get their way, we'll all be paying for stuff with our phones/watches in the very near future — but if you'd like to consolidate your wallet without giving it up completely, the Plastc Card is for you. Meant to replace up to 20 cards while being nearly future-proof, it features a magnetic stripe, barcode display, NFC, Chip, and PIN capabilities, Bluetooth for syncing with the sleek app (that also lets you check your many balances in one place), and wireless charging. Best of all, you control the action via an E-ink touchscreen, giving you security measures and convenience that competing cards just can't offer.

  • Tethercell

    Keep track of all your battery-powered toys and devices with the Tethercell. This brilliant, app-connected add-on works with any device that takes AA batteries. You simply replace one of the AAs with the Tethercell, which has a AAA cell loaded inside. Once connected to the app, you'll be able to remotely turn your battery-powered stuff on and off, set device schedules and timers, get alerts when the batteries are running low, and, soon, even find Tethercell'd devices via a proximity function — so you'll never have to dig for the TV remote again.

  • Mblok

    Storing your photos, files, music, and videos in the cloud is great — but it requires an Internet connection for access, and in case you haven't heard, there's always the possibility that someone could hack your account. The Mblok solves both these problems by holding up to 256 GB of your stuff in a tiny, portable package that you can take with you anywhere. This personal cloud-like box connects to up to seven of your devices via Bluetooth 4.0, offering immediate access to your data. The battery lasts for up to 300 hours on a single charge, the app offers one-tap backups, and best of all, your data is protected with 128 bit encryption — so no one's going to see your naughty selfies, even if they steal your device.

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