Tired of carrying both a MacBook charger and an iPad/iPhone/iPod charger in your bag every time you leave the house? So were the folks at Twelve South. The PlugBug ($35) is a brilliant solution to this problem, strapping onto your existing MacBook charger to give you a high-power charging port for your iDevice, while still providing the right amount of juice to your laptop, and leaving the second outlet open for other stuff, like your travel vaporizer camera.

  • NuForce Icon iDo

    While it's a reasonable question to ask why, if you're an audiophile, you insist on having your music library on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, if you're looking to get the absolute highest fidelity out of those lossless digital recordings, you're going to need to bypass your iBuddy's internal DAC. The NuForce Icon iDo ($250) will let you do just that. Using a dock connection, it draws the audio data directly from your library, and then uses its own converter to send pristine audio your your home stereo, or, if you want to get more personal, through its built-in headphone amplifier straight into your power-hungry high-end cans. [via]

  • iVictrola

    We've seen our fair share of non-electronic sound amplifiers, but never one this... grand. The iVictrola ($985) merges an antique Magnavox phonograph horn with two pieces of American walnut along with your iPad to create what's basically a giant megaphone for its normally not-that-loud speaker, filling your space with sound without using a drop of electricity. Available this November in limited numbers.

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