Pocket Chain Saw

Pocket Chain Saw

No, it's not a gas-powered hazard sized down to dangerously small proportions — the Pocket Chain Saw ($20) is instead a tiny-yet-potent saw made from heat-treated steel that can cut through limbs up to 3" in diameter with ease. It's perfect for campers, hikers, and anyone else who might need to cut up a body tree in a pinch.

  • Tetra Shed

    Any longtime reader knows our affinity for small, unorthodox, outdoor offices, and the Tetra Shed ($TBA) continues this tradition in grand fashion. Clad in copper, zinc, corten steel, or marine plywood, and lined in birch-faced plywood or plasterboard, the Tetra is a modular garden office that can be combined with up to five other units to create a rather massive outdoor/indoor workspace. Coming in January. [via]

  • Mossberg Just-In-Case Kit

    In case of emergency. In case of zombie outbreak. In case of rabid squirrel attacks — whatever the case, you can rely on the Mossberg Just-In-Case Kit ($360). This all-in-one survival pack includes a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 Pump-Action shotgun inside a re-sealable clear bag, inside a waterproof synthetic carrying tube which also holds gear like a "Survival Kit in a Can" and a multi-tool and serrated knife combo pack.
    [Scouted by Rod]

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